Our services
  • Personalized real estate selection

The personal, distinct approach to each buyer allowed us to develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients over the years. We would be happy to help in a number of cases, such as:

  • purchase and rental of residential properties (apartments, villas)
  • selection of commercial properties (hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.)
  • land purchase
  • selection of an attractive investment program.

In order for the property to fit perfectly to the customer, at the first meeting, the customer informs us of all his wishes: the purposes for which the property is purchased, the parameters of the apartment, the desired area, the location etc. Based on this information, we make selections that fully meet the buyer's request.


Even if the desired property is not available on our website, do not worry! Tell us the criteria and we will find the best solution for you!


Our priority is meeting the needs of our customers! In our work, we are committed to providing full confidentiality and to providing full legal support when concluding the agreement.


  • Real estate inspection

Physically present (or live).

If you want to buy villa, apartment or commercial property in Greece, you can choose the most suitable method for you. If you have time and wish to see the properties personally, then the physical presence (or live) is the best choice. This trip gives you the opportunity to personally assess the properties that exist on the website, have been selected from our website and decide which will become the future "home of your dreams".




You intend to buy a property abroad, but you do not have time available, you can get to know the properties online.


During the online trip, you will be accompanied by a representative of our company, who will answer all your questions directly. You can find out all the necessary information about a specific property, about the area in which you intend to buy a property and about the characteristics of the housing market in Greece. And all this can be done from the comfortable and safe environment of your home without leaving it.


  • Legal services

- Validation and translation of documents

- Inspection of the property in the competent bodies

- Assistance in obtaining a foreign tax number

- Preparation of documents for the purchase of property

- Advice on all ordinary tax matters.


  • After-sales service and management of your property.

The real estate agency AnthimiadisEstate is available to assist you in the installation and management of your property in Greece and after the completion of the transaction.


After-sales service is part of our services, and if you need help furnishing your space, we can arrange with our manager visits to equipment and interior decoration stores and help solve any issue. If for some reason you cannot, come to Greece for furniture, we can help you to organize the purchase of furniture and appliances according to your preferences and budget. You can contact us via the internet and give us the specifications of the furniture and devices you want to buy and then we will monitor the delivery and installation of the furniture and devices.


Besides, our customers trust us with the organization of preparing the interior for installation, cleaning the apartment before their arrival and after their departure, if only they are resting and do not live permanently in the country.

The real estate agency AnthimiadisEstate is available to take over the management of your property in case you decide to rent it.


In a word, we not only sell properties in Greece, but we try to become a reliable friend and assistant for our customers.


  • Services

- Real estate management and rental (annual and daily).


- Repair and installation of household appliances, office equipment and technological equipment (gadgets).

(assistance and search for specialists; pay according to the prices of the companies).



- Help with purchase of furniture, appliances, indoor items.


- Home security and alarm installation.

(assistance and search for specialists; payment according to the prices of the supplier companies).


- Cleaning of the site (regular before or after arrival).


- Checking the mailbox, notifications and notifications about very important letters.


- Gardener call, watering plants and full care of the area.

(assistance and search for specialists; payment according to the prices of the supplier companies).


- Provision of tax and accounting services and account payments.

Assistance in finding special and checking tax returns, property tax payments, utility bills, updates on tax and fee changes.


- Conclusion of subscription contracts for water, energy, wired and mobile telephony services.


- Concierge Service

- Storage of keys and check the property on departure from the site.

-Monthly reports on the status of the house. Includes detailed reports with photos and videos, communications control, ventilation.


  • Construction and Repair

We ensure that your plans are approved by the competent bodies and we receive all the necessary building permits, as well as we register the ready property with the competent state services.

Our company has under its responsibility the control for the construction. It also ensures the construction at all stages of the project and guarantees the respect of the budget and the schedule of the project.


  • Services:

- Construction and installation work of any complexity.

- Repair work.

- Renovation of premises (reconstruction of the decoration and general renovation).

Free assistance and search for special payment according to company prices).

- General construction from design development to delivery.

- Architectural design of residential and business properties.


- Interior decoration.

Designer services, as well as decorator for furnishing your home.

- Landscape design