Anthimiadis Estate

Anthimiadis Estate Company

AnthimiadisEstate is a reliable real estate agency specializing in the provision of real estate services to professional and private clients, with an international team of experts and long-term experience in the residential and commercial real estate sector.

After years of success, our experts managed to gain a flawless business reputation and establish themselves as reliable partners among customers, partners and other interested parties in the real estate market.

Our goal is to facilitate our customers in finding the property that best suits their needs, while providing comprehensive legal protection during the process of completing the transaction: from the time of drawing up the contract to the receipt of the document confirming the right of ownership.

About us
Complete service cycle

As an "integrated service cycle" company, we fully undertake the resolution of all issues arising during the construction process (including construction) in order to deliver a complete "turnkey" construction, as well as the initial design and management of investment projects after the sale. We focus on providing high-level services to our customers, ensuring their full satisfaction at every stage of the process.


Our goal is to offer reliable and effective solutions for every need of construction or investment, based on our experience and know-how.

Benefits of working with us

We have perceived the most important rule for successful cooperation with clients – honesty, transparency and trust. For us it is important not only to provide a service, but also to act in such a way that the customer returns to our company and recommends it to his friends, acquaintances and relatives.


The company's experts are well aware of the property market and will provide you with full information on all issues related to the residence in Greece. With our cooperation, you will choose the property that best suits your needs!


We provide a wide range of services, starting from the search for a suitable property, taking into account your wishes, and providing assistance in any issue related to the choice of property in Greece, until the conclusion of the purchase contract.

 We rely on experts with excellent knowledge of the local real estate market, ready to offer you the best solutions and meet your every need. We focus on our accuracy and professional attitude, offering you a complete package of services that meets your needs throughout the property buying process.


Legal experts of AnthimiadisEstate conduct a complex inspection of every property offered for sale. By buying real estate from us, you ensure reliable protection against any fraud. You do not have to worry about delays due to bureaucracy that may occur during the property sale process, as we undertake the preparation of all necessary documents and communication with the competent officials.


We approach the whole process and provide not only properties, but also help to adapt to new conditions. Our experts are well aware of the Russian, Greek, English and German languages, and can fully and clearly understand your preferences and accompany you in the inspection and purchase process.

We work in accordance with Greek legislation and we have all the necessary permits and certificates for the carrying out of real estate activities in the territory of the country.

Our principles
Our principles.
  • Decency, honesty and sincerity

We openly chat with our customers and partners, providing only reliable information. In our company we constantly support this strategy, because we believe that honesty is the foundation of trust. Almost 70% of all our transactions are made on the recommendation of our customers.


  • Reliability and Security

High quality services and customer safety are an integral part of our thinking, our worldview. We carefully select the properties we undertake, conduct highlevel preparation and legal documentary check and provide a secure settlement plan to secure transactions.


  • Development and professionalism

We constantly improve our professional skills and monitor all changes in tax and immigration laws in order to stay at the forefront! All our employees are continuously trained and certified, thus ensuring high quality of service for our customers.


  • Understanding and respect

The success of any broker is proof of his ability not only to listen, but also to understand people and their needs. In our company, we respect our customers and our partners, and we always provide the best possible service. We are committed to abiding by the laws and rules of our professional ethics, not breaking the rules to close a transaction. We seek to find the best property for each of our clients, not impose the existing offer. Only in this way can we build a successful and dynamic business.


  • Our goal

Ιt is the provision of high quality real estate services, which ensure the safety, reliability and protection of the interests of our clients.